Selections from My Preadolescent Diary

On 28 July 2017, I posted a picture to Facebook of a slightly worn, iridescently scaly book with the caption "If this gets fifteen likes, I'll post excerpts of the diary I kept from ages ten to thirteen." My friends doubled that benchmark, and thus:

Jan. 25, 2002

The weekend has finally come! 2 whole days with no schoolwork whatsoever in any way, shape, or form.

I have to clean my room. Bye!

P.S. I finished "The Call of the Wild." Yay!

April 10, '02


I might have a pen pal in MI. It all depends on if she writes back. Maybe she'll remember who I am. I'll go into details at some point in this diary, P.K. I promise. But for now I'm gonna watch my favorite movie, the back of my eyelids. It's a really long movie. So I guess I better get started. Night! ☾☆

Sep 8, 2002

I wonder if my imagination is too big. I really, Really, REALLY, for some reason, want to go all the way back to Middle Earth. I always feel like that when I watch the Lord of the Rings. It always leaves me feeling peaceful at the end.

Nina's here right now, but since it's 2:35 in the morning, she is asleep. I'm going to read back over you now... I didn't finish, but I'm tired.


Sep. 12, 2002

...It seems like suddenly boys, crushes, moms, and homework are all one very confusing thing rolled in 1. I felt like I had things under control last year, but you know what happened? Junior High, that's what. The small problems I had before were elimanated [sic], but guess what? Bigger ones came and took it's [sic] place. Pretty soon I'll probably answer a math problem with what a democracy is if i don't start getting a handle on things...

Sep. 12, 2002

...At least [name redacted] has a brain working inside his head unlike Ethan Kraft who asked when the teacher faked dying "Does this mean class is over and says stuff after the teacher gets back up like "You know, for a dead guy you're kinda mean." I mean, is there nothing but bits of fluff and dead flies in his head?...

Oct. 15, 2002

Sorry about being gone so long. Middle school is hard. Late nights and early mornings aren't cuttin' it. I fell asleep in math yesterday and today, and probably will tomorrow. It's a tough world.


...My concert is on Tuesday. I'm excited and scared. It'll be hard not to bust out laughing from the memories of past practices...earlier in the year a teacher came in with a carnation for Miss Wilson and she asked "What's this?" and I said "It's a flower."

Buffy is crazy if she won't go out with Spike. I mean, so he's a vampire, big deal. He's not going to hurt her anyway. He loves her for crying out loud...


...Tomorrow I'm going to ask him if he was the one who wrote the note. If he did I'm probably gonna' tell him it was really random and ask him why. Don't know if it's a good idea or not, though. If I have time I will maybe talk to Christi B. about it. Middle school is hard!



...I'll probably never be more than Jerrika the Wierd [sic] (as [name redacted] himself called me last year) or thought of as anything else but a social lowlife, Queen of Evil, and Queen of Cats, which hardly anyone likes anyway... 7 hour pause...

Going to bed now.



I am on my way to grandma and grandpa's house! I'll write more later


Almost 4 hours since we left and still in VA. Apparently VA's big. Later!


6 hours, STILL in VA. I've seen some snow, though, so I know we're going North. I'll update later.


Mom thinks that when I get yelled at I'm automatically going to pout, but I really do feel bad about what I did. Why can't anyone understand me!

Jerrika L. Waller >^..^<


Dear PK,

I'm in one of those moods where you're not exactly sad, but you're not happy either. There's a shadow hanging over me, but within it is light...I just wish I [could] hit pause on the world and listen to Avril Lavigne while thinking about things quietly for hours until I go to sleep...I wish I could express my every feeling right now, but I am short of the words. Would Avril Lavigne mind if I borrowed a few words from one of her songs? I hope not:

*Avril Lavigne lyrics*


Your shoe's untied. April Fool's!

I'm missing Buffy right now

I spent 20 minutes or so getting them to look good for tomorrow. It's a French manicure and it looks great. nail-->*drawing of nail*

My sisters lost the cover to the batteries on the remote, so Mom won't turn on the TV until we find it. No biggie, I don't need it. I can sit in my Black Hole, as others might call it but I call a room. I have a book, you, music, and a head full of thoughts to entertain me, as well as a burning candle w/ a yummy scent to help me focus. What more would anyone want?

My signing name will be Kit Kat from now on. I like that candy bar anyway.


Kit Kat


Dear PK,

I need your help to IGNORE Logan right now...


...He asked me, like, 3 times in a note "What happens now?" and I was thinking "Ooh, ooh, I know, you ask me to go out with you and we live happily ever after. How's that sound?" but I wrote back "I don't know. What does happen now?." And he wrote "I know, I'm waiting for you to know," and I was thinking "I do know. See previous thoughts for reference."...


...I've been listening to "MMMBop" all day; it's by Hanson, who are not that cool anymore at all. Music from 1/2 a decade ago is really comforting, though.

I only need 5 things to live in my room: a computer with internet that is really fast, entertainment system, a full fridge, a bathroom, and 24/7 access to my own private phone line.

Just so you know, [name redacted], I'm not making the first move! That's you're [sic] job (mostly).


May 22, 2003

WHY CAN'T I GET IT TOGETHER?!? I am probably the worst organizer on the face of the Earth! I need a plan. Something I totally have to keep track of. Something I should do all summer to organize myself for 7th grade. Hmmm... WHAT? I need something like homework to do everyday. I'll need a binder and assignments to do, part math, part comm. skills. I'll also need some Soc. Studies and Science thrown in once in a while. BRB.


...I have thought about something. Anne Frank wrote in her diary that even though she wrote quite [unknown missing word], they still had no idea what she was like as a person. I realized it's a similar situation for u +. You don't know what I look like now, or what I sound like. All that you know about me are my secrets and thoughts of the past year 1/2 of my life that I've burdened you with. If I were to tell you everything about myself I would fill the rest of your pages and more.

You know what I think a person is? I think that the characteristics for someone are infinite, and that by combining no certain number of characteristics, a person is made...

September 12, 2003

...Christina doesn't have the slightest idea as to why he's mad at her either, except that she used all his Post-its in the 4th grade, but I don't think that's even worth trying to hold a grudge over someone. Life's complicated. I dunno what to write



June 29, '04

...It occured [sic] as I was writing this entry, I'm writing a book here. Holy crap. Sure, hopefully no one will read it, but it's still an entire book. I could be on the last chapter as we speak, or write, or whatever. It's sad your pages don't go on forever, but if you think about it, I've grown a lot in almost three years, both as a person and physically...

...In fifth grade, I was pratically [sic] carefree. Sixth grade, a little more troubled, but pretty much happy. 7th grade has been happy, sad, angry, confused, almost [every] emotion under the sun's in here. Who knows what 8th grade will be like. Bye!

Jerrika L. Waller >^..^<

*arrow pointing to "8th grade"* It sucked :P -Jerrika 8-21-05

A slightly worn, iridescently scaly book