General disclaimer that basically everything on this site, including the site itself, is a "work-in-progress." —Jerrika

Tinder Observations

I’m in Boston for grad school. Laid-back, quiet, and a bit of a night owl. I like Harry Potter, hockey (though I missed basically this entire last season), trying different kinds of beer, and my favorite color is purple. Feminist, Team Valor, Ravenclaw.

So states my Tinder profile with six pictures of my face in different places on different days—three alone, two with friends (about a month into using Tinder, I was advised by a friend who was advised by sorority girls that for best results, you should have pictures with friends), and one with my cat (to be upfront that I have one and that you, sir, would have to deal with it). I’ve ensured that one of those pictures of me with friends shows that I am noticeably taller and squishier than they are, because I didn’t feel like adding "big and tall" to my bio or conversations with matches. My favorite question on Tinder is "What are you looking for?" and, to borrow the phrasing from one of my matches, I’m not "looking for either extreme (just a hook up or the love of my life)."

So what will get me, a—frankly—demographically boring but supposedly attractive individual, to swipe right on a dude in the Boston area?

I’ll be honest, it’s easier to define how to get me to swipe left.

While I enjoy being ruthlessly selective in my swiping, I don’t think I’m that hard to please, and I typically do try to consider profiles thoughtfully. After all, besides the occasional endangered rhinoceros or the profile one of my Tinder dates apparently set up for a stuffed penguin, we’re all real people here. This being the case, in the seven months that I’ve been using this app, I’ve noticed some patterns:

I obviously don’t state these observations and criteria to suggest that everyone subscribe to my likes and dislikes. Tinder has the capacity to facilitate many different types of relationships between many different types of people. However, depending on What You’re Looking For, I’d encourage considering if your profile is meeting a standard established by quality, or simply repetition.