Below is the first html I ever wrote outright (as in, not modifying MySpace layouts forty years ago, etc.), 2 February 2017. It's stupid, but it amuses me. —Jerrika

Wombat Statues, so to speak

In the interest of destroying social injustices

These headings will have nonsenical hierarchy

I possess more of a sense of control now than before

We're supposed to be making a recipe but so far I don't know what I want to "make," so I'm just going to type whatever comes to mind, I guess. Oh shit, time to make a quotation:

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are all standing in a row.


Fresh Samhain whiskers


  1. Squish the eyes to see what happens. Try to be creative with how; you only get three chances.
  2. Enjoy the absence of toad toes. What are those even like anyway?!
  3. Attempt to find a system for preserving the cat whiskers that will actually work. Inevitably lose the whiskers.
  4. Arrange twelve of the moon rocks in a neat circle. Place the thirteenth rock in the center, or perhaps at the top if that catches your fancy.
  5. Delight in all of the potential in your box of notebooks.
  6. Despair at the suspicion that you will never maximize the potential of all those empty pages.
  7. See if the rings fit on your pinky.
  8. Profit.

If you feel that this experience requires more items, you may include them. It is strongly suggested that you do not use fewer.

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